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Hidden Voice Episode 2


This is the first animation with contributions from members of The Hub. It is a reflection of one persons experience in trying to reverse a decision made by those in authority to provide a service that was not needed, requested or required, but one that carried a cost.

You see, autism is seen by some as a mental condition with learning difficulties. So the autistic person can be viewed as somebody unable to make informed choices or even look after themselves. Even the phrase “high functioning” can be set aside so that the reaction is more likely to be black and white than a spectrum! Some “Aspies” can have extremely good verbal skills but sometimes this may not include words like tact and diplomacy.

Autistic people can find it very difficult to accept or accommodate changes so it is always advisable to include them early in any decision so they can be better prepared. Without their participation they can react in various ways from stubborn refusal to being completely overwhelmed.