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Creative & Producer

This journey started back in 2008 when I completed an online test that strongly indicated that I was Autistic but I was in employment so didn’t take it any further (plus, there was little, if any, further information available). Fast-forward to 2018 and things had changed – I’d had a spell of 2-3 years where I could not hold down a job but I had also decided to pursue a formal assessment for Autism. There were a few documentaries on television and a lot more information available online which helped with the first steps on that journey.

The most useful resource has been a regular hub meeting (funded by Calderdale Council and hosted by Specialist Autism Services) where adults can meet together to learn and share experiences. It was also here that the idea for Hidden Voice was born. Initially, all I wanted to do was animate a presentation that we were given but I had also been doing an online course in scriptwriting – but one page of script should result in one minute of screen time. So I sat down ready to dash off a quick script – two hours later I had two pages! And, so, the journey continues....